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whale breathingWe all know stress is bad for us, but how much can it hinder our efforts of conception? When women are under stress over time they make certain chemicals like prolactin & cortisol which over time can interfere with ovulating. What’s the quickest, easiest (and cheapest) way to clear stress from the system? Meditation. You don’t have to be some spiritual guru to get a meditation practice going – as little as two minutes a day can help intercept the mechanisms of the stress cascade and wipe away the negative effects of stress in your system.

So how do you start? It’s as simple as finding a comfortable place, sitting down, and breathing. When a thought comes up, that’s ok. It’ll pass. Let it flow through you. Let it go. Come back to the breathe. Focus on the breathe.

Some women prefer to meditate with a mantra, or a word or sound you repeat. This can help if you have trouble focusing. But for others just sitting and breathing brings them into a deep state of relaxation, draining stress form the system and returning to a healthy, peaceful balanced state – the perfect state to be in for conception!

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