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More IVF Tries Leads to Success Stories

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Awesome Twins

A new study coming out of Britain says that increased rounds of IVF may be the route to go beyond the traditional 1-3 cycles many couples attempt. The study had over 150,000 women and the average success rate was 29.5% for a traditional one time IVF cycle, but went to 65% of women having a live birth after the sixth cycle. Since IVF is safe, there is thought to changing the way we see and practice fertility treatment and IVF within the U.S.

Most couples feel that if it doesn’t work once it will not work, or a small amount of eggs will not yield a pregnancy, but more and more doctors are now seeing that that just isn’t the case.

The British study is confident stating that, “on average, most couples receiving IVF can have a baby if they repeat treatment up to six times.” Most couples come in to fertility doctors, or RE’s (reproductive endocrinologists) after they have not gotten pregnant after a year, or two. If you tack on about 1-2 more years of fertility treatment it can seem daunting or overwhelming, but the fact is, it may be more effective than going back out there and going at it alone with no guarantee or insight into your own health issues or what the exact cause is. If there is a 65% chance that a couple will conceive via IVF but it will take about two years, is it worth it? Not everyone wants to be involved in a health treatment for that long, but at the same time, once couples have children they will be involved with health care for at least 10-18 years usually. Stress and finances also come into play, but overall it is better that all patients who are trying to get pregnant know what the possibilities and options are before making their decision.

Everyone is in their own personal situation so what works for one couple will not exactly work for another, but the study is clear – if you are sure you want to focus on IVF to get pregnant and build your family, sometimes more is in fact more.

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