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More some women doing IVF there is some appeal for looking for alternatives. Some practices offer natural IVF, which is where there are no drugs used at all. The benefit? No medication, no cost of the medications, and no medical risk related to medications. Although this sounds like a good technique, the benefits tend to be minimal in comparison to conventional IVF. Doctors have tried this technique for years with little results, and you still have the cost and the procedures and other medical processes that go with IVF anyways, with one or zero eggs, leading to a much lower chance of getting a healthy embryo to transfer back into the uterus.

In conventional IVF, although medications are used, the woman often produces a group of eggs which can then be fertilized, and she may have a much higher chance of having a few fertilized, healthy embryos to chose from, and transfer to the uterus. The odds are significantly higher. Perhaps this is why this technique has been abandoned over the years, as it is minimally effective.

This doesn’t mean that a woman going through IVF can’t try to go as naturally as possible – using less medication can help certain individuals create just as many eggs as using overpowering dosages of medications – it just depends on one’s age, one’s body and the chemistry they have in reaction to certain medications, all of which is both a science and an art form. This is where it is important to work with a fertility doctor who can customize your care, to make sure you are getting the most personalized treatment you can possibly have, helping you to be as healthy as possible, and create a healthy baby.

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