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Paleo Diet & Fertility Enhancement

Posted by: Santa Monica Fertility   •   Categories: Nutrition, Trying to Conceive,

If you’ve been trying to keep up with what is the healthiest diet and how to increase your fertility with foods and nutrition, you’ve probably come across a lot of articles and blogs on the paleolithic diet, or “paleo.” Two recent publications on diets similar indicated that eating more protein and fats, and less sugar and carbohydrates (especially processed carbohydrates) increased the chances of rats having more babies.

Therefore, adjusting the ration of macronutrients, and carbohydrates, proteins & fats, may up older women’s chances of not only getting pregnant, but possible being able to get pregnant again more easily the second round, if another child is desired in the future. This doesn’t mean snacking non-stop on bologna sandwiches, but increasing animal and dairy protein (especially full-fat dairy products) may help women trying to conceive, balanced of course with plenty of vegetables and a healthy exercise routine. As always, consult with your fertility specialist (or RE) if you have any questions!




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