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Pomegranate Power & Your Fertility

Posted by: Santa Monica Fertility   •   Categories: Nutrition, Trying to Conceive,

pomegranateOne of the number one foods that is seen as a fertility symbol and potent chemical for repairing cellular damage is the pomegranate. That giant, beautiful red fruit with all the little “seeds” in it. Annoying to eat, awesome for your mitochondria. In ancient Persia, arguably one of the origins and landscapes of trade, birthplace of medical information, medicals tools and perspective, this fruit was seen as a fertility symbol and still is greatly evered in many countries around the world as a “superfood” long before some internet guy or a fancy “natural” food store started blogging about it.

Ok great they have lots of seeds and are pretty, but why eat (or drink) them if you are trying to conceive? Because they are nutrient dense. Rich in folic acid, vitamin C and vitamin K, and UA (urolithin A, a chemical that eliminates damaged mitochondria), they are known to be a top food in the longevity arena as well as anti-cancer and helpful for improved blood flow, a key in trying to optimize fertility with nutrition. The studies in worms, mice and other animals is astounding, and doctors in Europe have been recommending this food, among other fertility-focused foods and customized fertility diets, for years. So what does this mean for men & women trying to get pregnant right now? Can we take supplements with antioxidants and all of these vitamins and minerals? Sure. But what might be better is to start eating an amazing, fertility-based diet full of berries, seeds, nuts and fresh foods loaded with what we need to optimize our health, vitality, virility and fertility.

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