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TTC and Autoimmunity

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With a never ending stream of toxins and new chemicals being created and used in our environment daily, it’s no surprise that infertility is on the rise. But studies show that autoimmunity is also on the rise, and that there may be a link to this and some of the fertility issues some women are having, such as endometriosis and PCOS. Autoimmune disorders may also be causing some of the unknown infertility cases, as well as cases related to aging or premature aging, such as Premature Ovarian Aging.

The most common autoimmune disorders are ones related to the thyroid, as well as diabetes and some related to the gastrointestinal tracts or skin. In these disorders, the body tries to protect itself but it ends up destroying it’s own tissues, including sperm, ovaries, embryos and reproductive tissue.

So what can you do if you are not getting pregnant and you have some autoimmune health processes? Get tested. Your GP, OBGYN or fertility doctor, and RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) can help guide you. Usually it will be a physical with thyroid antibodies, among other tests, such as a hemoglobin A1c test.

What else can you do? You guessed it – eat right. Go organic, go green and eat your veggies. Notice which foods create stomach, skin or energy issues for you and cut those out temporarily (usually sugar, wheat and dairy, but it can vary). Make sure you have plenty of fat and protein in your diet (high quality of course). Subclinical infections such as candidiasis can hide for years and wreak havoc on one’s immune system and other systems. Most bugs like this can’t live off of fat or protein, so cut out sugar and make sure you eat regularly so you don’t even get tempted to snack on that junk. You and your cells deserve a proper meal and high quality nutrients to build your body with!

What else? Besides drinking plenty of clean water and getting your rest, practice mindfulness. What does that exactly mean? Stop. Breathe. Take a look around. What do you think? Exactly.



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