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Working Hard, Adrenal Fatigue and Infertility

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Research claims that standing for long periods during a pregnancy may hamper the growth of the developing fetus, according to a new study in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Likewise, working more than 25 hours a week may subtly impact a fetus’ growth. But what about overworking and fertility? Although physically demanding work can be good, similar to exercise, and maybe long working hours can get you ahead in your career, what does sitting for 6-10 hours a day do? Not to mention the stress of certain career tracks and how not eating and sleeping caused from job stress can negatively impact one’s health.

Past research on the effects of a woman’s work on her health shows that stress, both physical and emotional, can cause burn out and negatively effect one’s hormones, blood flow, immune system and reproductive health. Whether you are standing all day or problem solving at a desk under pressure, overworking can take a toll.

So what’s a woman to do? Start with implementing one simple change. Whether it’s starting a 5 minute mid-day walk, or adding in 2 minutes of deep breathing right when you get home from work, or reducing hours (if you can!) these small lifestyle changes really add up! Just start with one so that you do not get overwhelmed, and reap the benefits! You’ll quickly see that the little thinks really do add up and overtime you can avoid developing adrenal fatigue and potentially speed up your fertility journey, not to mention your sense of well being and contentedness.

If you need help making lifestyle changes and have questions about how to help your fertility journey be successful, feel free to call and speak to one of our experts at Santa Monica Fertility – we are always happy to help you on your path to parenthood.



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