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Fertility Tips For Women Over 40

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JJ PortraitWe all know that in order to get pregnant at a later age (researchers and fertility experts state that the science indicates once a woman is over 35 there is only about a 15-20% chance of getting pregnant) one has to be very, very healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. BMI (body mass index), weight, hormone levels, egg quality, immune system, stress, inflammatory levels…all of these items need to be lined up and in tip top shape for when the woman finally releases that good egg, if she does, and hopefully a good sperm finds that egg to make a high quality embryo. So what else besides having a healthy lifestyle can help a woman over forty get pregnant?

Have sex. Not just twice after the OPK (ovulation predictor kit) says you are in your high fertile days, but have sex once your period stops. Some fertility researchers are suggesting every 2 or 3 days throughout the menstrual cycle. So what does this mean? If you are not having your period, go for it. Instead of overworking or focusing on marathon training or cross fit (hey, this is LA), try having date nights, and get your energies aligned so that the chances for intercourse are higher. These same researchers state that this is also good for hormones too, which are definitely needed when one is TTC (trying to conceive).

What else can you do? It sounds clinical, but the next step one can take is go beyond their GP or OBGYN and see an actual fertility specialist. At the very least, set up the appointment. This can reduce stress, fears and anxiety around conception and that is actually really helpful for getting pregnant. Then if you are not pregnant after 4-6 months of trying, you (and your partner if you have a partner) can go in and find out what’s really going on. If it is just your age, or there is a sperm issue as well, an underlying thyroid or autoimmune disorder, etc. – all of the information you can get will be helpful in helping you get pregnant more quickly and with the healthiest happiest baby you can get!

If you have any questions about trying to get pregnant over the age of forty, feel free to call Dr.Jain at Santa Monica Fertility – our practice is available to answer all of your questions and fertility needs!

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