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Pink spring magnolia flowers branchWhat are essential oils? And can they help women conceive? What about pregnancy? Although plant derived extractions and oils have been around for hundreds of years, one of the most recent trends in complementary medicine and health, aromatherapy and the use of essential oils, is being sold all over the country, online and in health food markets. But does it work?

Incorporating oils into your life can definitely help with reducing stress, and that is very, very tied in to getting pregnant. There is a reason many couples now take conception-moons just after their honeymoons! Stress is a huge fertility-killer, and anything that you can do to reduce stress and feel better will increase your chances of conception. Lavender and rose oils, especially when diluted with a safe carrier oil, such as coconut oil, can be used on acupressure and acupuncture points and incorporated into self-massage techniques, increasing circulation and having a calming effect on the same time.

Is there any risk involved in using essential oils? If you are pregnant, do not use them. If the oil has been processed in any way that has impurities, and if those impurities cross the placenta, that can be harmful. Although more and more companies are trying to become certified organic, processing agents are not regulated by the FDA, so to be safe, it is not recommended to use oils once you are pregnant or with certain hormonal-dependent health issues. Please consult with your fertility health care specialist before using anything on your body with you are trying to conceive, taking medications, have a health concern, or are pregnant.



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