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E-Cigarettes & Male Infertility

We all know smoking is bad for you health, but can smoking damage eggs and sperm, making it harder to get pregnant and have a healthy child? Indeed, yes. While “regular” cigarettes have been shown to be harmful to both gender’s health, e-cigarettes may not be that much better (although they are touted as the […]

Non-Nutritive Sweeteners, Fertility & Pregnancy

Can you safely consume NNS (non-nutritive sweeteners) while TTC (trying to conceive) or during pregnancy? If you are attempting to get pregnant of course the first thing you should do is go over your diet with your fertility doctor or fertility health care provider, such as a fertility acupuncturist who teaches patients pre-conception care including […]

Gender Selection & Genetic Screening

Can you pick the gender of your baby if you are using infertility treatments? Actually, you can. Some fertility patients may be interested in family balancing and gender selection. Gender selection is available for patients who wish to select the sex of the embryo used in their fertility treatment. Many people don’t know that the male’s […]

Are Two Better than One?

Are two better than one? When it comes to increasing your chances of success and having a healthy baby through IVF (in vitro fertilization), more might not necessarily be better. In fact, putting in that second embryo at embryo transfer day may hinder a woman’s chances of getting pregnant, by about 30%. This was based […]

Aromatherapy for Fertility Support

For hundreds of years people have been using plant resins and flower oils for adornment, to balance emotions, and to enhance health. Using aromatherapy to support fertility treatments is becoming increasingly popular. The practice of aromatherapy is based on many traditional uses of natural plant oils and plant resins, including age old favorites like lavender, frankincense […]

Fertile New Year’s Resolutions

So ya. We’re reeling towards a new year, with this Saturday being New Years Eve and this Sunday being the first of a hopefully wonderful year, the ever-awaited 2017. And hopefully, despite one’s political orientations, a better one.  New years are often times for fresh starts, new beginnings and a whole slew of resolutions. January […]

Miscarriage & Recurrent Miscarriage

What is you have recurrent miscarriage? A single miscarriage is not usually a cause for concern from a medical standpoint but consecutive miscarriages can happen too, although they are rare, occurring in less than 5% of women. If you experience two or more miscarriages of in a row, you may wish to seek assistance from […]

How to Reduce Stress & Increase Your Fertility

We’ve all experienced stress at one point or another in our lives. But just what is stress, exactly? Stress is an event or experience that a person feels or perceives is threatening, overwhelming or scary. Many people experience “perceived helplessness” and feel stuck or hopeless about a situation or feeling, whether it’s a specific feeling […]

Physical Labor and Its Effect on Conception and The Health of the Child

Are you trying to conceive or already pregnant? Although scientists are coming out with papers left and right that say sitting is the new smoking, standing for long periods of time is not something a new mother or someone who is possible pregnant should be doing. Although in the past it has been thought that […]

Healthy Egg Testing? Technological Advances in Identifying Healthy Eggs

How do you know if you have healthy eggs? Can you still use your eggs or is there a better, healthier option for conceiving a healthy embryo and healthy child?  The article by Drs. Patrizio and Dr. Dagan Wells continues an important trend aimed at identifying natural genetic processes involved with the production of healthy […]

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